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Clarence: Quest #1 is a comic of Clarence.[1]


What's to Love: Well into its second season on Cartoon Network, the award-nominated and popular Clarence animated series is the perfect blend of optimism and the celebration of childhood. Our comics are the perfect extension for fans seeking even more content! Each installment of Nick Cron-DeVico’s (who wrote and storyboarded "Company Man") three-part story is illustrated by a different artist as these three best friends band together to save the wily feline.[2]


What It Is: Beauford the cat has escaped! Sumo, Jeff, and Clarence decide to help rescue him from the evil woods.[3]



  • The art style in this comic appears to be a lot different than the previous comic books and the series' art style; the art style in this comic appears to be much more reminiscent of Ren and Stimpy or The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, with the most obvious tell being the exaggerated faces and close-ups of the characters.


  • Mavis and Crendle are miscolored.
    • The color of Mavis' pants change from blue to purple.
  • Percy's hair color and shirt turn brown and yellow.
  • Gilben is depicted with a nose.
  • Belson's shoes are miscolored as red.
  • The upper top of Jeff's hair is missing.
  • Beauford is misspelled as "Boford."


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