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Clarence's Market Madness is online point-and-click game of Clarence (series).[1]


The dreaded weekly supermarket shop has just been made a little more interesting with Clarence and Sumo. Race faster and faster through the aisles with your trolley, grabbing the stuff on your list and picking up points on the way. Incorrect items will earn you a strike – pick up three of those and your shopping days are over!


The main role of winning the game is by collecting items as its shown on the top right of the screen, which shows only three as the player points and click the items, he moves on to collect more, but as the game progess, the game will speed up, indicating the game difficulty, therefore the player will have a certain amount time to collect the item, as if the player misses or does not collect the item, the red "X" mark will appear and if it gets up to three, the player loses the game.

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