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Chelsea Keezheekoni is a supporting character in Clarence. She is a student in Ms. Baker's class.


Chelsea has brown skin, long neck, big ears and a ginormous bush of dense brown hair that goes all the way down to her waist. She also has buck teeth with braces, though her front two teeth are fake. She wears a purple turtle neck, a chartreuse skirt, pastel green leggings, and Mary Jane style dark green shoes.


Chelsea is in the fourth grade and is one of Clarence’s classmates, making her about nine years old. Chelsea is the second-highest scoring student in the class (behind Breehn). She could be considered a "tomboy" and tries to join Clarence, Jeff and Sumo's guy's club. Due to being taller than most of her classmates (except for Amy, Nathan, and Try) and having an obsession with creepy stuff, Chelsea gives Sumo a run for his money when the two compete to see who can gross the other out first ("Too Gross For Comfort"). The battle ends in a humorous tie when Chelsea and Sumo both think of the same gross thing to do—kiss. The two open their eyes and, in disgust, run away from each other. Armed with a morbid sense of humor and blunt honesty, Chelsea is the kind of girl to speak her mind. Her teasing scares Clarence and Jeff but is a soothing balm for Sumo. Chelsea loves creepy and weird things.


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Clarence is a good friend of Chelsea, as he is with everyone in the school, with the exception of Belson Noles.


Sumo and Chelsea make out in the episode "Too Gross for Comfort," in a final attempt to out-gross the other. As soon as they realize what they're doing, they jump out of the treehouse in disgust and run away screaming. Since then, they appear to have developed feelings for one another, as hinted at in episodes like "Skater Sumo" and "Clarence The Movie."


Jeff and Chelsea appear to be good acquaintances.


In "Plant Daddies," Chelsea and Kimby didn't know each other very well and seemed to have somewhat contrasting personalities, as Kimby was more of a shy girly-girl and Chelsea was a laidback tomboy. However, over the course of a school project, they started to bond and become friends.


She and Alison were best friends in "Clarence's Millions," but they haven't been seen together much since then.


  • Chelsea got her first major role in Dinner Party. It becomes much more major in Too Gross For Comfort.
      • It is possible that at one time, she has a crush on Sumo, as seen in the later episode and a future episode.
      • It is also possible that she is dating Sumo.
  • She was voiced by Nika Futterman only in Money Broom Wizard. Grace Kaufman took over the role starting with Clarence's Millions onward.
    • She was best friends with Alison, as seen in the latter episode. However, the friendship somehow dissolved.
  • She is supposedly very intelligent, as seen in Average Jeff.
  • In Spooky Boo, it's revealed that Chelsea has a mom and a brother named Glary. Her father made his official appearance in "Pizza Hero."
  • In The Interrogation, her last name was shown to be Keezheekoni.
  • In Missing Cat, she was shown to be very strong, as she was able to beat Nathan at arm wrestling and get the fire hydrant to open (possibly without the right tool).

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