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[The episode begins with Julien taking a pink star wand and running off. Then suddenly, he trips on a rope, then he hears some giggling in the bushes.]

(I can't hear this one properly) Girl Voice: Fairy time... have you know?

[Julien then sees the flag in a mop basket.]

(I can't hear this one properly) Julien: Danger zone!

[Julien runs for the flag, then water balloons nearly penetrate him. He dodges them but he trips in the process. The wand flies off his hand and he rolls into a secluded area. Then Malessica and Breehn comes out of the bushes, giggling. Kimby then arrives.]

Julien: Wait!

Kimby: NOT SO FAST, Nugget breath!

Julien: Listen! Let me go! I won't try to-

Kimby: No mercy is granted to those who would steal the flag from our secret whipping kingdom of New Fairton!

[Malessica, Breehn and Kimby throws their water balloons at Julien. Julien braces, but Clarence immediately comes to his rescue.]

Julien: Clarence?!

Clarence: You think I'd miss this party?

Kimby: Ugh! GET THEM!

[Kimby's team begin to throw water balloons at Julien and Clarence, Julien then goes behind Clarence to not get hit.

Clarence: Oh! We should probably go. RUN!

[Julien and Clarence begins to run away, but Julien takes one last look at the star wand.]

Clarence: Julien, no! Just leave it!

[However, Julien still runs for it and nearly got penetrated by water balloons.]

Malessica: DIE, DIE, DIE!

[Julien slips, Clarence watches further away. Breehn chuckles as his carries a big water balloon and aims at Julien.]

Breehn: I got you!

[That's when another person penetrates Breehn with a water balloon. Breehn slips and the big water balloon penetrates him too.]

Chelsea: HEY! Don't mess with the Chicken Nuggets!

[Chelsea comes to Julien's rescue.]

Chelsea: You weirdo tree-huggers.

[Breehn gets himself up, and runs to Kimby's side.]

Breehn: Oops! Wrong side!

Kimby: You're never gonna capture our flag!

Chelsea: Maybe not today, but we'll be back.

[Chelsea throws the water balloon so high, it blocks the sun. Then it comes crashing in between Chelsea and Kimby, then Julien, Clarence and Chelsea runs off.]

Kimby: HEY! Forget about them- huh? Where's our flag?!

[Then the main intro plays. After that, Chelsea's team manages to run into a fountain area.]

Julien: Thanks for having my back, guys!

Clarence: Of course! For a team mate.

Chelsea: Kinda stinks that we couldn't get their flag though.

Julien: Or didn't we?

[Julien takes out Kimby's team's flag. Clarence and Chelsea praises him.]

Chelsea: Let's have some juice, guys!

[Then, Belson's team arrives.]

Belson: Well, well, well. If it isn't the Chicken Nugglets.

Clarence: Hi, Belson! And baby dinosaur.

Julien: I wouldn't talk, king jerk face! Look what we got!

[Julien shows Belson's team the flag they have gotten from Kimby's team (New Fairton)]

Belson: The fairy flag? Yeah, I'm not worried. You still know I will get all the flags like how I did every year. Which means, I still have juice authority. Now fork it over.

[Nathan plays with his hoodie, but Belson immediately intervenes and tells him to stop.]

Belson: Nathan, come on!

Nathan: Okay, jeez... Belson.

[Nathan collects the juice boxes. Chelsea however refuses.]

Nathan: Juice.

Chelsea: Ugh, Belson. Come on! My mom, gave us this juice!

Belson: Tell her I said "thanks".

[Chelsea, sternly, gives her juice box to Nathan, while looking at Belson.]

Nathan: Sorry, Chelsea.