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Camden is a minor character in Clarence. He first appeared in "Money Broom Wizard", he also was camping with his father in "Where The Wild Chads Are"


Camden is a ginger haired boy. He has a purple shirt, purple pants, purple boots and buck teeth. His big, droopy cheeks are used for humor. He also seems to have balloon cheeks since they were easily deflated by minor things.


He has a deep, nasally voice. Camden seems to want to do right, as his father encourages, and seems to adhere to rules and regulations.


  • In Lost Playground, it is revealed that he is, to some extent, accident-prone, tripping on a slide, ending up with one of his cheeks deflated.
    • Likewise, in the same episode, we are to assume his mother passed away, as she doesn't appear when his father, Hershey, does and who we assume to be her as a child (a blond-haired girl named "Lucy") only appears in a flashback, along with not appearing in previous episodes.
  • His voice and appearance draws some resemblance to Droopy, a television show from previous Hanna Barabera era (pre-Cartoon Network years).
  • In Jeff's Secret, it is revealed that he has no eyelashes.


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