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[Theme song intro plays}

[Starts off showing a sign with the mayor of abredale saying: abredale is nutters for clean gutters]

[Clarence and sumo making their way to jeff's house while singing a pirate song]

[TV showing the weather] Weather Forecaster: High chance, a heavy flooding rain in abredale, its highly recommended to keep small children and cats inside.

[EJ telling the instructions of the game] EJ: Soo now everybody put your cards on your forehead and we take turns asking questions to figure out who you are. (adults giggle when they put their cards on their foreheads)

[Clarence and Sumo enter the house] Clarence: Good afternoon my good neighbormates.

EJ: Jeff honey your friends are here.

[Sumo points at the mayor] Sumo: HEY! i saw your face on the bench.

Mayor:oh yes yes yes great observation son that was me (chuckles) im nutters for clean gutters.

[Clarence and Sumo stare at the mayor] Clarence: Why does it say Philicya Rashad on your head.

EJ: clarence the cards have to be secret.

Clarence: OH a secret.. don't worry your secret is safe with me Karl Marx.

EJ: Jeff, your friends are waiting.

[Jeff comes downstairs]

Jeff: Ahoy mateys.. you guys ready.

Clarence and Sumo: AYE AYE my good shipmate.

Jeff: Then lets play.

[show board game and narator says the name of the game]

[Jeff opens the board game]

Jeff: Okay lads, were finally gonna get pass the kraken.

Sumo: Yeah that always eats us, its starting to tick me off.

Breehn: Oh boy, i hope we can beat him.

[Clarence and Sumo scream]


Clarence: When did you get here.

Breehn: Guys i've been here the whole time, my parents aare at a family fun cruise so jeff graciously invited me to your game night.

[silence] Breehn: I know i know i can be of a stickler sometimes but, for tonight im ready to let loose (takes off the bowtie) plus i brought limbo rooster.

[clarence pick up the bowtie and uses it as a eyepatch] Sumo: uh no offense but we usually play this game with the 3 of us, a 4th might be, idk, weird.

Breehn: i also brought my favorite snacks that my mom hates.

Sumo: OO CHEEZERINOS (eats some) kid can stay.

Breehn: Thank you sumo.

Clarence: Hey breehn, can i sit on the bean bag chair, um, i usually sit there when we play.

Breehn: Oh oh sorry.

[Clarence sits at the bean bag and Breehn sit on the floor]

Jeff: okay everyone settlled then lets play.

[Narrator says to choose your characters]

Jeff: I'm Captain Blackhook Burroughs, fear captain of the high seas, house rules captain gets +3 wisdom

Sumo: Crusty Pete master gunner chaotic neutral.

Clarence: Im Mr Tobias J. Tobias, i make the food.

Breehn: Um.. i am the pirate..breehn...pirate

Sumo: Your name is the pirate breehn

Jeff: Uh thats great, pirate breehn huh i have to go to the bathroom, tobias, crusty pete you need to go to the bathroom too

Sumo: What, no i dont

Jeff: Yes you do, i can see squirming

[Jeff, Sumo and Clarence are at the bathroom tub and Jeff closes the curtains]

Jeff: The pirate breehn, thats a terrible name, im sorry i thought he would be better here

Clarence: Hey jeff i was wondering if i can play as the mermaid in the cover

Jeff: Thats not a playable charecter clarence

Clarence But shes beutiful (whisperly)

Jeff: Uh ok fine you can play as her, but it wont affect anything neccesary in the game

[At jeffs room]

Jeff: so lets get started now house rules captain rolls first

[to be continued]