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Brandi Sumouski is a minor character in Clarence. She is Sumo's only sister.


Brandi looks like a female version of her brothers. She has somewhat tan skin, a pointy nose, and black eyes with eyelashes. She has long brown hair and bangs on the left side of her head, with the right side being shaved like Sumo's. Her hair also appears to get choppy in the back, and there seems to be several small twigs in it.

She wears a pink dress with a light pink collar and cuffs, with the skirt being maroon. She also wears a dark pink bow on top of her head and dark brown boots.

Episode Appearances[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]


  • Her name was revealed in "Badgers & Bunkers."
  • She is the only sister in the family.
  • She and her mother are the only females in the family. Coincidentally, they're both voiced by Christine Lakin.
  • She seems to really like wrenches, as she was seen holding one in her mouth in " Dream Boat," and she was carrying around a wrench again in "The Tunnel."
  • Throughout the series, she has only had two speaking roles.

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