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Brady Brown is a supporting/minor character in Clarence. He is a student in Ms. Baker's class. He first appeared in "Honk" and had his first major role in "The Forgotten."


Brady is small for his age, with fair skin and blonde hair. He wears round glasses, a turquoise t-shirt, teal shorts, and mint-colored shoes.


Brady is rather shy when around people, as seen in "The Forgotten," and when trying to express his feelings to Mavis. His personality is very similar to Charlie Brown from Peanuts.

Brady is the most quiet student. Despite being placed in the Crayon Group in "Average Jeff", he has proven to be handy and intelligent, as shown in “The Forgotten,” where he managed to calculate how many kilometers he and Clarence had to travel to get to their houses.


  • Brady is a pastiche of Charlie Brown from the Peanuts movies and comics.
    • This is heavily referenced in the episode "The Forgotten," where Brady's thoughts are narrated, similarly to Charlie Brown. They also share similar voices.
    • Brady has a crush on a girl with red hair (Mavis), just like how Charlie Brown has a crush on the Little Red Haired Girl.
    • Brady says Charlie Brown's catchphrase, "Good grief!" several times.
    • Brady also shows some traits from other characters from Peanuts, as he has a similar haircut to Schroeder and he wears glasses like Marcie.
  • He has a crush on Mavis, as revealed in "The Forgotten."
  • In “Talent Show”, it is revealed that he likes singing songs with paper cups.

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