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Blamburger is a Clarence game available on the Cartoon Network website. It is only available online and as an app on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


The objective of the game is to stack sandwich ingredients on top of each other to form a burger. Clarence can move from three positions: left, right, and center. The falling speed of the ingredients gradually increases throughout the game.

The setting for the game is located in either Rough Riders Chicken, Clarence's House, and the backyard. The locations are randomized.

Excluding certain ingredients can turn the burger into a special kind of sandwich, such as a "Cheesy Burger" (meat and cheese only), a "BLT" (meat, bacon, lettuce, and tomato only), and many more. (Read next section for more info on burger recipes.) The higher the player gets, the more ingredients (with more points), the player will unlock for use.

Sometimes, a sticks of dynamite can fall onto your burger. Sumo is the main one who's adding the dynamite sticks. If the burger comes in contact with them, the game is over. To avoid them, quickly switch sides.

Burger Recipes and Points given/required[]

Burger = (random ingredients of your choice)

BLT = (bacon + tomatoes + lettuce + meat)

Cheesy Burger = (meat + cheese)

Red Hot Fireburger = (hot pepper + meat)

Chicken & Eggs = (chicken + eggs + meat)

Veggie-licious = (tomatoes + lettuce + hot pepper + cucumber + fries)

Buggy Burger = (meat + worms + grasshopper/cricket + spider + butterfly)

Green Burger = (meat + lettuce + cucumber + grasshopper/cricket)

Brown Burger = (meat + bacon + worms + chocolate)

Sea Burger = (meat + lobster + fish)

Sweet Burger = (popsicle + chocolate + pie + doughnut + meat)

(for whatever burger you make, you will be given extra points depending on how big it is.)

BLT = 250 points given and 0 points required to unlock

Cheesy Burger = 500 points given and 100 points required to unlock

Red Hot Fireburger = 1000 points given and 3000 points required to unlock

Chicken and Eggs = 1200 points given and 6000 points required to unlock

Veggie-licious = 1800 points given and 10000 points required to unlock

Buggy Burger = 5000 points given and 16000 points required to unlock

Green Burger = 2500 points given and 25000 points required to unlock

Brown Burger = 10000 points given and 35000 points required to unlock

Sea Burger = 14000 points given and 45000 points required to unlock

Sweet Burger = 30000 points given and 65000 points required to unlock

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