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Blaide is a minor character in Clarence.


Blaide has fair skin, short black hair, and a bean-shaped head. He wears a black-and-yellow striped t-shirt, blue shorts, and brown shoes. He has long arms, with his hands curved outwards.


Blaide seems to be a foreigner by the way he talks, shown in the episode "Dollar Hunt," when he tells Clarence that he needs to find a city bus home. He has a hard time communicating with Clarence, and Clarence dismisses him.


The gallery for Blaide can be found here.


  • Prior to becoming friends with Jeff, Breehn was likely Blaide's friend, because he was usually seen near or next to Breehn; though it is still a mystery why he wasn't at Breehn's dinner party in the episode "Dinner Party." As of "Breehn Ho!," Breehn is friends with Jeff instead of Blaide.
  • He currently has the most voice actors.
  • In "Dollar Hunt," he appears to like ceramic frogs.
  • He is impossibly Hungarian.
  • In the episode "Dollar Hunt," it is revealed that he takes the city bus.
  • Although he is a student in Ms. Baker’s class, his last appearance was in “Missing Cat”, rather than “Anywhere But Sumo”. It is unknown why he does not appear in Ms. Baker’s class then.
  • He kind of has the appearance of a monkey.

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