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Birthday Gallery Transcript


  • In the US, in July 2016 you could see a bumper of this episode just before airing Clarence, although this episode was released in November of that year.[1]


  • Clarence revealed to be 10 years old.
    • His favorite color is brown.
    • Despite of Clarence showing two people of his baby pictures while it showed that he had a tan lines when he was a infant, although this is proven to be false as no infant or anyone is born with it.
  • The outside of the scratch-boys changed from "Too Gross For Comfort"; the chair is no longer there and was replaced by a rock with Clarence's face.

Character Connection[]

  • Kimby is seen with a different dress this time.
  • Vu's dad works in a medical company.
  • Apparently, Belson played "Put the Tail on the Donkey" when he was little.
  • Jeff and Sumo get alone much better in this episode, although they behave badly with others.
  • It is seen that Chad went to a class of party entertainers.