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Belson's Sleepover[1] is the twenty-second episode of Season 1 of Clarence.


Belson invites the gang to a sleepover, and whoever can survive a night of pranks and scares will win Belson's game system: the Acedia 64.



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The episode starts when Clarence opening his locker, then finds a invitation. It says Belson is having sleepover at his house and also says the whoever makes it through the night without getting pranked will get his Acedia 64 (currently not sold in the U.S until next year), so to RSVP with his mom on Friday night. Sumo almost doesn't want to go, because he hates Belson, but Clarence convinces him to go. Jeff thinks that it isn't going to be good.

On the night of the sleepover, Clarence, Jeff, Sumo, Dustin, Nathan, Brady, Emilio, his brother Memo, and Julien go to Belson's house. His mother opens the door for them politely. She says Belson will be happy to see them all they head to Belson's room, and they come into his room, Belson closes the door on his mother.

He then shows them the Acedia 64, (which Sumo states he loves it). Belson plays a game Rated I (for Insane) game called "Psychopathic Ice Cream Man". Nathan wants to play it, but Belson says, "Not unless you win," which Nathan states he probably won't.

After getting bored, Belson's mother calls them for dinner. The guys eat the food Belson's mother made while Belson eats a cereal called "Cheesecake Puffs" which Clarence states "It's like cheesecake for breakfast," while Belson says he likes it for dinner. Brady then gets pranked by a salt shaker trick while trying to put some salt onto his fries. Belson then says he can't leave his room for rest of the night, but lets him take his fries. Jeff then becomes friends with Cythina (Belson's mother).

Belson then reads a book called "GoosePimples" about a woman named Rebecca who thinks she found her Uncle Ralph, but it was a hockey-masked killer with a Chad's Chainsaw which attacked her. This then scares Emilio but acts like he isn't scared then says "Whatever.". Then Belson turns off the lights. They try not to fall asleep (knowing that if they sleep, Belson will prank them). When Clarence almost falls asleep, Sumo tells him not to sleep because Belson will prank him, but Clarence falls asleep anyway.

Belson then tries to prank him, which fails. Belson then tries to prank Sumo (which he is awake) which also fails. Then, he decides to scare the rest by pretending to be the hockey-masked killer he read from his book. He then places a tape on his bed, then walks out of his room. He screams, which wakes the group. They don't find Belson, but they find his tape that says "Play Me". They then play the tape. In the video, Belson pretends that he was "kidnapped" by the hockey-masked killer from the book he read to them, before putting on a hockey mask and taking a toy chainsaw. Sumo tells them it's a prank, but they don't believe him. He again tells them it's a prank, but Clarence says they must save Belson.

The "hockey-masked killer" attacks the group, with a toy chainsaw, which scares them, except Sumo (who goes into the air ducts). Then guys then retreat to the garage. The group then freaks out, but mostly Julien. Clarence tells them it is the hockey-masked killer from his book and asks if anyone watched the tape. Sumo comes out of the ducts and then tells them there is no killer and the book was made up, and video is a fake, followed by saying that the "killer" was actually Belson in a hockey mask and that they all got pranked; he knew because Belson just invited them here just to belittle them. The guys plan to get revenge on him by pranking back.

Clarence pretends to be a girl for a diversion. The "killer" chases "Clarencess" to the cellar from the outside, but Clarence closes the door before the "killer" can get "her". Sumo then walks to the foot of the staircase to the cellar and dumps the kitchen trash, which he forgot to take out, on him.

Belson then digs his way out of the trash. Clarence begins to attack the "killer" for Belson, which then reveals he was the killer; asking why he did this, Belson says the last time he had a sleepover no one came, so if he had a prize, people would come, in which Clarence says they still would've still come over, but the guys say they wouldn't have. Belson then laughs at the guys for all being scared, but Sumo says, "Not all of us!", then shows himself carrying the Acedia, thus winning it for not being pranked, with Emilio calling him "the last man standing". Belson admits he's keeping his stuff, then tries to attack Clarence, Jeff and Sumo by chasing them with the toy chainsaw, but the three escape; they spot Chad driving by and enter get in the car (with the Acedia), then have him drive away before Belson could get them. As Clarence asks them if they had fun, Sumo admits he hadn't, but he enjoyed dumping trash on him while Jeff says he and Cythina bonded. With Clarence then telling them that he wasn't all bad, Belson is later seen cries over losing the Acedia while swinging the toy chainsaw over his head, ending the episode.

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  • This is the first Halloween Episode in the series.

Character Connection[]

  • This is Emilio, Memo, and Julien's first major roles.
  • This is the first episode in the series with Belson's name in the title.

Cultural References[]

  • Among the parody-toys in Belson's Room are (so far): Shao Khan from Mortal Kombat, Jake the Dog from Adventure Time, a two-headed monster resembling Kang and Kodos from The Simpsons, the titular My Pet Monster, an unspecified character from Masters of the Universe, a Guitar Hero controller, a Lightning McQueen bed from Cars, Donatello, Raphael, and Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Penguin from Batman, the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man from Ghostbusters, etc. (to be completed)
  • The Acedia 64 is a parody of the video game console Nintendo 64, while its jingle is based on that of Sega's jingle. Belson's avatar on it resembles a Mii from the Nintendo Wii console, and the game Pyschopathic Ice Cream Man refers to "Sweet Tooth" from Twisted Metal, while its protagonist resembles Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver.
  • The ending of this episode is similar to the ending of the 1974 horror film, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, as the main villain waves his chainsaw above his head in frustration after the main hero escapes.
  • When Belson is reading a book to the boys called Goose Pimples, which is a parody of a book series by famous author R.L. Stine known as Goosebumps. However, Goose Pimples has a more mature theme.
  • Belson wearing a hockey mask is a reference to Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.
  • One of the posters in Belson's room shares a striking resemblance to the cover of Resident Evil 4 on the Nintendo Wii, another appears to be of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, and Scorpion Hunter 2 may refer to Monster Hunter.
  • The Clarence staff who have Tumblr accounts said that there are parts that are parodies of The Hills Have Eyes, however there are no parodies or references to that film at all. [citation?]
  • The part where Jeff snaps awake and says “No, I’m not!” References the 1986 film Stand by Me, where Gordie Lachance wakes up after the nightmare of his brother Denny’s funeral scared. But unlike Gordie, Jeff doesn’t scream.
  • Belson wearing a hockey mask. Is also a reference to Clark Griswold wearing a hockey mask in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.
  • Rebecca the girl in Belson’s story is named after Rebecca Howe from the sitcom Cheers.


IMG 0539-1-
  • When Belson shows the Acedia, Memo's shirt has a different color.
  • When Belson's mom is cooking dinner for the boys, her right hand only has 4 fingers.
  • Jeff's nose dissappears for one frame.
  • When Belson said "You get the idea", Dustin's eyes and nose starts flying like the toy helicopter he is controlling.
  • Clarences voice at the end of the episode is a lot deeper.



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