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Belson has a second house mentioned in "Chalmers Santiago." He describes it as his "crib", and he says that it is one of his dad's employee's houses that he let Belson use. He uses Clarence's family's electricity, however, and he uses it to power all the electronics in it.


Clarence's Backwards Room:[]

When Clarence explores Belson's house, he looks at his "backwards room". It consists of nothing except red lighting, bead blinds, a bed, and an alarm clock. Clarence thinks it is creepy.

The Main Room:[]

The Main Room is where Belson keeps his television set, a beanbag, and a game console and controller.

The Darkness:[]

The Darkness is inside Belson's house. Clarence and Belson have no idea what lives in it, but when Clarence throws a half-eaten slice of pizza into it, it is taken into the darkness and some sounds can be heard. Clarence is very scared by it.