Clarence Wiki

[car moves]

cat meows

[music plays]

Sumo, I'm just gonna eat outside, don't look for me.

[cat meows]

Whoa, a cat!

Sumo [eating chicken]

Mel, Sumo! was that a cat?

Sumo, No?

Mel, Good! Because we are a dog family!

[dogs growl]

[music plays]

Jeff, Ahh, lavender candles were a great [sneezes]

Jeff, What are you doing in my bathroom?

Sumo, Uh what are you doing in the bathroom?

Sumo, Anyway you got dogs here?

Jeff, No?

Sumo, Good here take your cat!

Jeff, stop get away from me i'm allergic to [sneezes]

[music plays]

Clarence, Hi Jeff, I like, your hat.

Jeff, [sneezes]

[cat meows]

Clarence, Great news gals! we got a new family member!

Clarence, [giggles] a cat! no fights in the house guys!

[Clarence gives cat to Chelsea]

[Cat spits out hairballs]

[Chelsea gives cat to Percy]

Percy [crying]

[Percy gives cat to Amy]

[Amy gives cat to Clarence]

[Clarence gives cat to Belson]

[Belson gives cat to Breehn]

[Tiffany passes out]

[Cat plays with Gilben's shirt]

[Mr. Reese falls over]

[Kimby turns the light off]

Kimby, [screams]

[Cat meows not letting Blaide sleep]

[Everyone comes]

[Indistinct talking]

Ms. Baker [Sighs] Welcome back.

Ms. Baker. Don't mess with Granny's door again, ok?

Ms. Baker, I missed you too

Beauford T. Pusser [meows]