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"Beans" is the seventh short of Clarence.


Clarence attempts to wake a sleeping dog.


The short begins as Clarence walks by the fence to see Beans, who however sounded unlikely which Clarence said that it doesn't sound like a happy puppy noise, but as he tries to think of doing something that'll make Beans either sound happy, but as he climbs beneath the fence, but fails, he also inserted a wooden stick in the hole, but doesn't respond, so Clarence ends up tossing the stick across the street, he walks across the dumpster to find something, just as the raccoon cam out, he comes in and out and came over with a bunch of stuff from the dumpster, he first gave the sandwich, and then the doll, and then the paper, which flew away, as Clarence moans that he tried everything with no avail and the lie on the ground, in the background, Ms. Baker came to her car, but the wheel of the car stopped by a stick that was thrown by Clarence, while Ms. Baker tries to remove the stick, as Clarence continuosly moans in the background, just as Ms. Baker finally removes the stick, the tire deflates, making her to find one in the trunk, until Clarence comes back and tries to tell Beans something, in a singy-songy way, until something moving as Beans was not actually a dog but rather Mr. Reese in his brown pajamas, which it shocked and scared Clarence away, while Ms. Baker tries to remove the flat tire, a black fuel splashed upon her face and saw Mr. Reese as he breaks through the fence, she quickly remove just as Mr. Reese, confused, and his dog relently barking, he finally turns to Ms. Baker as saying hi, but Ms. Baker carelessly flags him and walks away, while part of Mr. Reese's pajama flap falls off, revealing partual part his rear.



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  • However it turns that Beans was not actually a dog rather than Mr. Reese himself.
  • This is one of the episode plus short that a camera does not follow neither change scene but rather stay in the same pace.
  • The "Lil Buddy" doll appeared for the third time since "Chalmers Santiago" and "Lil' Buddy."
    • However, he doesn't even remember having him from the last time as he stated that it looks familiar.



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