Clarence Wiki

[geese caws]

Sumo: [giggles]

Sumo: Ugh, come on!

Clarence: [giggles]

[music plays]

Jeff: [puts sunscreen on face]

Jeff: Ahh… I love the beach.

Clarence: Hey Jeff, I feel like a hot dog.

Jeff: Oh my gosh Clarence! You're so sunburnt!

Clarence: I can't put my arms down, because it hurts when i touch my body.

Clarence: Ow!

Jeff: Didn't you put on any sunblock?

Clarence: Oh yeah, sure did, see?

Clarence: Hey Sumo!

Sumo: Hey, beach buddy! High-five!

Clarence: Ahh!

[wave comes]

[hermit crab walks]

[hermit crab goes in soda can and uses as shell]

[wave comes again]

[hermit crab walks with dead fish as a shell]

Clarence: Wow guys! Thanks a lot, I don't feel my skin at all no more, and, my sand body is pretty much accurate to my future body.

Jeff: No problem, I just drew references from the classical Greek sculptures and mythology.

Clarence: What about these beautiful four arms? Who did those?

Sumo That was me, I just found some sticks.

Clarence: Wow, that's so smart Sumo.

Sumo: Thanks Clarence!

Clarence: That's so so good, really great.

Clarence: My one critique is, maybe make my abs bigger.

Sumo: There you go buddy, I just built them on my own.

Clarence: Perfect.

Mary: Boys, come get your lunch, alright? Hurry up quick before it's gone!

Sumo: Oh yeah, lunch!

Clarence: Lunchtime, lunchtime, lunchtime!

Jeff: [sighs] Ooh is that Greek yogurt?