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Balance is a minor character in Clarence, and the main antagonist of the episode "Balance". He works at the Invisible Circus.


Balance bears a notable resemblance to Clarence and Belson; his design appears to be a mix of the two characters, which was likely intentional (as the name "Balance" is a combination of the names "Belson" and "Clarence").

He is a very short and stout man with orange skin, a pink nose, yellow teeth, a black unibrow (like Belson), and a scar on his left cheek. He has a similar head shape and haircut to Clarence, except that his hair is a darker blond with inverted bangs.

He wears a fake pirate hook on his right hand, a grey t-shirt, and brown overalls.


His personality is the opposite of Clarence's; the students fear him, and usually grabs them by the neck with the use of his pirate hook. He has a habit of jumping to conclusions about people, especially Clarence. He's nice to the teachers, like Ms. Baker, but not other students. He's somewhat acrobatic, as he's able to stand on a coffee creamer cup without falling. It is later revealed that he can also do hypnosis, which he uses on the teachers for attention.

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  • The Pirate hook on his hand is fake, revealing his right hand.
  • Jeremy is his son, as revealed in "Flood Brothers."
  • However, in "Freedom Cactus," a picture of him appeared on the newspaper article that Mr. Reese was reading.
  • Once again, he reappeared in Clarence's Stormy Sleepover as a narrator.
  • Many of his characteristics are a mixture of Clarence and Belson.
    • His body resembles Clarence's and his nose with a unibrow resembles Belson's.
    • His hairstyle is the same as Clarence's, but pointed rather than round.
    • His name, Balance, can also be a pun of Clarence, and starts with a "B" like Belson.


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