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Ashley is a minor character in Clarence. She had her first, and only major role in "Clarence Gets a Girlfriend". She is the ex-girlfriend of Clarence Wendle.


Ashley is a fourth grader in Ms. Baker's class and one of Clarence's classmates. During an art class at school, Clarence is doing tricks with a clay person he made and a toy motorcycle when he stumbles upon Ashley's binder. He asks Ashley if he can make his toy do a backflip off her binder. Ashley, who was making snowflakes out of paper, she replies "yes", and Clarence goes on his way. Meanwhile, Ashley's friends say that she should go ask Clarence out on a date because they are "getting closer." Ashley sums up the courage to ask Clarence out on a date and he agrees. But, after Clarence and Ashley met up at the Pizza Shack to have a "date". they are uncomfortable around each other and it becomes awkward. Ashley soon decides they should just be friends. Clarence agrees and they leave the restaurant and go to the creek behind the school to catch frogs with Jeff and Sumo.


Ashley is a skinny girl with freckled cheeks, black eyes, and buck teeth. She keeps her brunette hair in a messy bun. Ashley usually wears a pink t-shirt underneath a pair of denim overalls and dark blue leggings. She also wears red boots, similar to Sumo's.

During her "date" with Clarence, Ashley wears a teal dress with matching hairbow and black shoes.


Ashley is a shy girl who easily succumbs to peer pressure from her friends. According to Sumo, she's a "nice girl" and is still friends with Clarence even after their date went poorly.

In her debut episode, she is shown to be into arts and crafts and is very skilled with scissors, easily cutting out elaborately designed snowflakes out of paper while talking with her friends. She also isn't afraid to get down and dirty, as she's seen joyfully playing in the creek with Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo and handling frogs.


  • She has a flowery pink binder with her name on it.
  • Her personality is similar to Lila from Hey Arnold.

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