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Anywhere But Sumo Gallery Transcript

Everyone: *cheers*

[Scene cuts to, West Aberdale Elementary School.]

Princpal: See you tomorrow everyone.

Everyone: *chattering*

[Scene cuts back to Anerdale Elementary School.]

Mr. Reese: Slow down! Clarence. See you in dentention tomorrow.

Clarence: Okay! Bye Mr. Reese!

[Scene cuts back to West Aberdale Elementary School.]

Princpal: Remember, Two Lines people. Oh Ryan.

Sumo: Yeah?

Princpal: Will you be joining us for Rocket Club tomorrow?

Sumo: Yeah.

Clarence: And then, Dustin said that he already had a snack, So he gave me his snack to darlie.

Jeff: Oh Yeah?

Clarence: [grunts] Yeah.

Sumo: Hup. (2x)

Clarence: Sumo! Oh look at all of this hair.

Jeff: [laughs silent.]

Sumo: [chuckles] Yeah. But it's hot. I should cut it before summer break.

Jeff: That reminds me Sumo, I got those pictures developed from when Mallesica braided your hair.

Clarence: [laughs] What?

Clarence, Jeff and Sumo: [laughs/chuckles]

Sumo: [laughs] Can I get a copy?

Clarence: [laughs] Yeah. Me too

Jeff: I got all of us a copy.

Clarence, Sumo: Woah..

Sumo: *speaks gibberish.*

[Scene views a couch. With hearts in the scene. *soundtrack*]

Clarence, Sumo: Wow!

Jeff: What? It's just a old trash couch.

Clarence: No Jeff, This could be our couch.

Sumo: A place that calls our very own.

Clarence, Sumo: Oooo.

Jeff: This thing is crawling with.. im out

Clarence: What should we call it?

Sumo: How about.. Clarmo Land!

Clarence: Yeah!

[Both of them high five.]

[Montage begins with Clarence and sumo decorating the couch.]

Clarence: It's perfect. Just like you. Wait a minute. What day is it? [gets his calendar.]

Clarence: March.. Arpil.. *gasps*

[Flashback to the pilot.]

Clarence: Hello. Are you here for the sleepover?

Sumo: Cut my hair?

Clarence: *laughs* Alright.

[Clarence cuts off sumo's hair.]

[Flashback ends.]

Clarence: Tomorrow is our haircut anniversary!

Sumo: Wow!

Clarence: There's one more thing to do..

Sumo: Yeah?

Clarence: [laughs] Let me cut your hair tomorrow.

Sumo: Yeah!

Clarence: Friendship haircut anniversary! [falls off.]

Sumo: You okay?

Clarence: heh.

[Scene cuts back to Aberdale Elementary School.]

Ms. Baker: And You put it all together and now you have a tornado. Pretty cool huh?

Belson: Okay umm.. Step three is uh.

Jeff: Clarence. Do you have the glitter?

Clarence: Just give me a minute..

Belson: Come on dork. Just let me see the tornado. [sees the paper.] What is this? [shouts] You used all of the glitter! Ms baker!

Ms. Baker: [whispers] Just keep going and going and going.

Belson: Ms. Baker!

Jeff: [reads] Clarmo Land? Are you and sumo still sitting in that discarded couch?

Clarence: It's our haircut anniversay, Wanna come?

Jeff: I think I'll pass. Speaking of plans though, In summer I was thinking of--

Clarence: Summer? That's like a squriellon miles away. Anyway I gotta run.

Jeff: Okay but--

Clarence: Bye Jeff. Love you.

Jeff: No one has ever has asked me if I wanted a haircut.

Clarence: Hey Mom, Can I please borrow your haircut stuff.

Mary: Clarence I'm in a middle of-- Hey clarence! What did I say about- Clarence you can't just take- a- [sighs] Do you want to keep that as this way? Or you wanna--

Clarence: [humming] Sumo..! [sees sumo's other friends cutting off his hair.] [gasps]

Sumo: [getting his hair back in pieces.]

Clarence: [gasps]

[Screen turns to black. then it turns back to normal.]