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A Sumoful Mind Gallery Transcript


  • This is the first episode to premiere first in Latin America before in the United States.
  • When Jeff goes to look for Sumo after the class of the solar system, it is seen that a bulldozer passes by the highway without anyone who drives it, the reason for this is unknown.

Character Connection[]

  • You can see Belson with his girlfriend Pipi.
  • Jeff was happier being alone with Sumo than in previous times, and was uncomfortable seeing him with Clarence.
    • It may be that Jeff starts to likes Sumo's new side of him or simply does not want Clarence to take away his intelligence.
  • When Mr. Mozer gives the class on the solar system, it is clearly seen that Gilben with his mental powers causes Mr. Mozer to fall out of the chair.
  • Sumo seems to have learned a lot at his new school.