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A Nightmare on Aberdale Street: Balance's Revenge Gallery Transcript

Character Continuity[]

  • This episode has a few oddities from one of the characters that appeared in this episode:
    • Guyler for the first time that he revealed his covered mouth, by only goes by the dream itself.
    • Mavis reveals to speak for first time in her dream.

Episode Connection[]

  • This is the second and the final halloween theme episode since "Spooky Boo".
  • This is the second time that Balance encounter with Clarence, first since in his self-titled debut episode.
  • This is Balance’s and Jeremy’s final appearance in the series.
  • The episode marks two years since "Spooky Boo", which was released on same date as this episode.

Episode Production Notes[]

  • The idea for “Pumpkin Portal” is based off a drawing, made by the showrunner, Stephen P. Neary, in 2008 [1]