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Jimmy Chakraborty is a minor character in Clarence. He is a student at West Aberdale Elementary.


Jimmy has medium brown skin, an upturned nose, and a pointy chin. He is small and thin with a large, dark, bushy bowl-cut. He is typically seen wearing his school uniform, which consists of a dark green polo shirt and grayish-brown shorts. He can also be seen wearing dark shoes and a purple backpack.


At first, Jimmy was extremely shy and nervous about making friends, but he was later able to make friends with a girl because neither one of them could do a cartwheel.


Season 2[]

  • "Field Trippin'"

Season 3[]

  • "Valentimes"
  • "A Sumoful Mind"
  • "Anywhere But Sumo"== Trivia ==
  • Most people don't know how to pronounce Jimmy's last name, and will often get it wrong.
    • Going off of his surname and physical appearance, it is possible that he is of Indian heritage.

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